10 things they DON’T tell you about breastfeeding

  1. Your boobs will have names– mine are “milkies”… it just happens. You’d rather call them by the new name than “heres my boob kid”
  2.  You will probably feel uneasy about anyone else feeding the baby– at least, I did/do
  3. Breastmilk is good for EVERYTHING– Literally, pink eye? Breastmilk. Dry skin? Breastmilk. Constipated? Breastmilk. Are you pickin’ up what I’m putting down…Confused? Breastmilk.
  4. Your boobs will be two different sizes-  I have an over producer, and a lazy Susan… they are noticably different… it’s cool, I feed a human with them.
  5. Some day’s you will not want to– and that is OKAY! Your allowed to not want to share your body with a tiny humber 24/7, although my bet is you’ll do it anyway
  6. You will probably like the way your breastmilk smells- I thought I was so weird at first for this one, but, it makes sense I guess because it smells like the baby, and who doesn’t love the way babies smell?
  7. You will probably name your pump– Mine is Sally the sucker.
  8. It’s strangely addicting-Not the actual feeding aspected, in my case, but how much milk I can produce, how long (1 year,ect) she will eat, and the bond we have grown.
  9. You are allowed to have a drink– Dispite what most will tell you, a glass of wine isn’t going to affect that sweet baby… and neither will coffee, you WILL need it.
  10. You will not think of your boobs sexually at all any more– like, I’ll whip it out in the target checkout line without even thinking about it and then I’m like “oh..whoops sorry not sorry”

These are just a few of the things I have learned in my 9 months of feeding Pyper, its a beautiful journey. You go mama, you got this!

Until next time, I’m going to change a dirty diaper.


xoxoxox, bye friends!


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