Stay at home mom

Yes, being with my daughter 24/7 is a blessing. No, being with my daughter 24/7 isn’t easy.  I think what (some) people fail to think about is when you stay at home with the kids you get every single second with them, which includes every tanturm, diaper, mess, feeding, cleaning, you get what I’m saying? I cannot stand when people say that staying at home isn’t a job… My “job” doesn’t ever end. I get no time off, no weekends, but, I do get to see every single milestone in Pyper’s life, I do get to be the one she wakes up with, and falls asleep with, I get to be her best friend and laugh with her all day. and for that I KNOW that I am blessed beyond words. But don’t you dare say that this isn’t demanding, tiring, or a job. You sir, are incorrect. You stay with a tiny human for eight and a half months straight, and tell me what you think then. Until then, hush.

stay tuned for my next rant, I’m going to make some mummy hot dogs for lunch because…. spooky season, DUH!

xoxox, bye friends.


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