Organic baby food reviews!

Hello mama’s!

Today I’m going to be reviewing  four different organic baby food brands. When we started soilds I home-made Pyper’s baby food, but then recently she started refusing a spoon, so we tried baby led weaning, but she wasn’t into that either! So, finally I tried one of those pouches they can hold and feed themselves and BINGO we had a winner, my stubborn little girl. But, if you’re anything like me (I’ve been called a “helicopter” mom a few times) you want all natural foods for the tiny human, right? Well, that’s what we have here!


We are going to start with Pyper’s FAVORITE, like, I should open a stock in these.

The “PLUM organics” super puffs, she will eat any flavor. I love these because they keep her busy, so when I’m doing something (now) I can put her in the high chair and give her these and she’s as happy as can be. They melt fast enough that I don’t worry about her choking, but not too fast so she does still get to practice chewing. I give these 5/5 stars, for sure a must have in our house.


Next up: PLUM Organics baby food pouches. These aren’t her favorite, but she will eat them. I’m not really sure why they aren’t her favorite, you would think they are all the same, but Pyper says 3/5 they are okay. The ingredients of this one are: Banana Puree, Pumpkin Puree, and citric acid. Personally, I don’t love the citric acid part, I probably will not buy more of these.


Number three: Earths Best Pouches. She LOVES these. I think it’s just the flavor, but she will drink the entire thing without taking a breather.  The ingredients are bananas, blueberry puree, citric acid, vitamin a palmitate, mixed tocopherols, zine sulfate, ascorbic acid. So, as you can probably guess I don’t love them, but like I said Pyper does.


Happy baby organics creamies: These are really fun to watch P eat, they must be a different flavor because she makes the funniest face. the ingredients are butternut squash puree, apple puree, strawberry puree, carrot juice, coconut milk,wate grape juice, raspberry puree,strach, beet juice, citric acid, vitamin c. P didn’t love them, I think it was a texture thing. I think these are better for older babies.


Same brand, teething crackers. MUST HAVE! Pyper loves these so much. Ingredients are jasmine rice flour, starch, sugar, blueberry powder, purple carrot juice, salt, mixed tocopherols. These really help Pyper with her teeth, and also teaching her how to feed herself, I recommend these, we have also tried the baby mum-mum brand, and I’m not a fan, they break too easily and the pieces get too small for my comfort.


We tried these for the first time this morning, actually; and Pyper was a huge fan! I also try everything I feed her and I must say, this one is good (lol). The ingredients are apple puree, spinach puree, kale puree, lemon juice, vitamin C. Over all, I love the Happy baby organics line, everything we have gotten from them has tasted good, and Pyper has liked.


Lastly, Yummy spoonfuls. I LOVE THESE! These are exactly what I made Pyper from home, Pureed veggie/fruit and water ( I used breastmilk when I made it) She loves these also. This one you do keep in the freezer, so I like to take one out the night before and stick it in the fridge so it’s not frozen for lunch time. Target has good deals on this one also I got 4 for $6, so check that out!

I hope this helped! For now, I’m going  to clean this house.

xoxox, bye friend!


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