Mom shaming

So, I just did a tag video on my youtube called the “controversial parenting tag” and I was am wondering WHY any thing on that list was controversial? The questions were about baby wearing, breastfeeding vs formula, ect ect. I do not understand why people feel like it’s their place to tell another parent what they should be doing. I have never and will never be that parent, and also will never allow anyone to tell me what to do with my daughter. I am 150% a “you do what works best for you” mom. Pyper and I co-sleep, I want to homeschool, I do get her vaccinated. Why? Because that’s what works for me and her. Do I think any less of the moms I know (and love) who use the cry it out method, can’t wait  until school starts and wouldn’t sleep with baby? NO! We are all just winging this thing, doing what keeps our babies happy. I just really cannot stand all the mom shaming you see these days. It’s like no matter what we do or how we do it, it’s wrong. I don’t cover when I breastfeed in public, am I wrong for that? according to the internet yes, I’m disgusting, according to my beautiful, happy, daughter; No because she literally won’t let me cover her. I guess what I’m getting to in this little rant is DO YOUR THAANG MAMA. Lets all build each other up rather than judging.

For now, I’m going to the dollar store for a broom.

Bye, friend!


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