Hi friends!

I thought it would be fun to round up the month and tell you all what happened, what we did, and anything new Pyper did! I thought this would be good for anyone who wants to keep up with us but can’t watch our daily vlogs. I’m going to break it down into categories so that if you’re only interested in P you can skip right to her section, haha.

Myself: This month has been a big month for me actually! I have been extremely dedicated  to my youtube channel,(Kayla Mishelle) and started my blog which I am LOVING. It is so great to have an outlet and something I do just for me, that I enjoy. I am also down to 130 lbs which is great news to me, because I’ve been stuck at 135 since the month after Pyper was born. (not that that is bad, but my prebaby weight was 117). I have also been having out/making friends which has been AWESOME, I didn’t notice how lonely I really was until I had human interaction again, hahaha. And of course I’ve drank 100 gallons of coffee and maybeeee a bottle or two of wine.

Relationship:My fiancé and I defiantly had our up’s and downs this month, unfortunately, but that is life and it’s going to happen. At the end of the day we love each other and our daughter and work it out, thats my boo and I luv him. Side note, I was thinking about doing a post all about relationship after baby and also keeping a long term relationship alive (we’ve been together for 7 years) What do you guys think?

Pyper: Now on to what we REALLY care about here. My little bug has been crazy this month, I swear she thinks she’s grown! She turned eight months old, she started standing AND taking a few steps, she calls me mama now not just randomly says it, she’s better with other people now ( she was in a phase where only mom  could hold her for a while) she also has been actually eating baby food this month, we are still nursing though. She has FIVE teeth now, I can hardly believe that. We took her to the pumpkin patch for the first time and she had so much fun in the corn pit, that was her favorite( well the only part she actually acted like she cared about). We also carved a pumpkin of course, she was really interested in what dad was doing but when we tried to let her play with the guts she wasn’t really into it…. diva. I started crib training her for nap time which is actually going better than I thought it would! We do still co-sleep over night though which I plan on doing until I feel we are BOTH ready to stop. My mom (gran) and I took p to build a bear for the first time where Pyper made Stew, her new BFF; She picked him out and everything! Pyper has made really good friends with Declan, my friends son, they hang out probably once a week and love it. My family went to a campground and we joined them, there we went put-puting (pyper fell asleep she was not interested in the slightest), painted pumpkins, dressed up, and had a campfire. Pyper and I made adoreable halloween crafts/keepsakes together, that was a lot of fun one of her favorite things to do is paint and get messy. The day before halloween we did a photoshoot that turned out beautiful! (pictures by Alyssa Neal Photos) We dressed up as witches for halloween and went trick or treating, four houses in she fell asleep so I had to do all the work and got judged for taking a baby trick or treating, but then she woke up and was in to it again. It was so much fun to see her all dressed up and picking out candy, I even let her try a tiny lick of a Lolli!

Over all:October was good to my family, Pyper learned so much and got to experience so many new things which fills me with such joy. I am so excited to see where November takes us! Be sure to follow my blog, Subscribe to my youtube, and follow me on Instagram to stay in the know!

For now, I have ten loads on laundry to do (literally)


Bye friends!


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