The first week home with baby

I want to start by saying CONGRATULATIONS! You just gave a human life, you rock.

Today I want to tell you my tips on that first week with baby, that week is going to be the shortest week of your life, I promise.

1) TAKE VIDEOS! Obviously, photos too, but no one told me videos and I am SO glad I have all of the videos of Pypers newborn sounds. They go away so quickly!

2) LET DAD HELP. Luckily, Xayne was able to take two weeks off when Pyper was born, and helped out a lot with Pyper. Let them help, because once they go back to work they may not be so eager too.

3) FROZEN DINNERS. You’ve probably heard this one a million times, but seriously you are not going to want to cook and DEFIANTLY not going to want to put that baby down.

4)SLEEP. While you still can girl. Do it.

5)SHOWER. If you have the help, and have someone who will sit with baby, take advantage, it feels amazing on your sore body.

6) Don’t feel like you HAVE to let people come see you, if you don’t want company, say no. You are allowed.

7)Put baby in those newborn outfits, because they might not fit next week.

8) HOLD THAT BABY. Everyone is going to tell you not to, and your going to set yourself up for failure, but snuggle that sweet baby while he/she wants you to.

9)ENJOY EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT. iIt goes by too quickly, it’s depressing.

Again I want to say congrats and GOOD JOB! Bringing a human into this world is no freakin’ joke.

For now, I have a crazy nine month old who is requesting me!


Bye, Friends.


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