Deciding to do more

Hello beauties!

Happy Sunday, I just wanted to check in and write my thoughts out. Yesterday morning, I officially started my real estate course. I know, WHAAA? Random, I thought you were just going to be a stay at home mom forever; is what you’re thinking, right? Well, thats what I thought too, but as time rolled on I realized that I want to do more, have more, and be more for both myself, as well as my daughter. I LOVE being a stay at home mom, do not get that wrong, I plan on working mostly from home, but, I want to be a strong roll model for Pyper, showing her that women can do whatever they want, be whatever they want, and still be wonderful mothers and wives. I am SO excited for this journey, and seeing where this takes my family. I am so sick of struggling and doing nothing about it.

So, with my REL, I plan on either being a property manager, or buying and selling homes; BUT, my dream would be to flip houses, Xayne and I together, he does the handy work of course(; so, who knows maybe in five years that’s where we will be.

I just wanted to say, it is okay to change your mind, it is okay to get off track, it is okay to struggle, it is okay not to know where you’ll end up, it’s okay to make a blind decision not knowing where you’ll end up. It is okay, life is like a backwards roller coster. Hold tight, and everything will be alright. If no one else, know that I believe in you, and believe in yourself. I am getting off track, but I am just such a strong supporter of women, and I just want each and every woman to know that she is strong, and can do whatever she wants.

but, Pyper just woke up.

For now, I am going to kiss my baby and thank her for making me strong.

Thank you all,


Bye friends.


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