Hello, agian

Wow, it’s been a while. Motherhood is crazy, I barely have time to shower, eat,  live; but I’ve decided to try to come back, and write about our life because I want to be able to look back on these days and remember what it was like.

Pyper is 16 months old now, no I’m not one of those moms that still tells everyone her age in months but for this post I am. She talks and walks and has quite the little personality, I am defiantly on my toes all day. Pyper is the smartest, and sweetest child I know. I am truly so blessed to be her mother.

Xayne and I are in a really good place, we have been working on supporting each other rather than combating with each other and I must say it is paying off. I tell him what I need, rather than excepting him to just know and shocker… he does it. I have started to support him as well, as a woman and the leader of the house it is SO easy to just constantly tell someone what they are doing wrong and what they should be doing, but, thats not what we are in a relationship to do. A few “I’m proud of you”s or “Thank you” really do go a long way.

Real estate… sigh. This one, I’m not proud of. My last post I was so excited to dive in and get started, which I did. I sold a home, did a few rentals and got really lucky for just starting off but then the typical real estate situations popped up and I’ve decided to take a small break. It is hard to put your all into anything other than your children when you’re a mother. I love showing homes and helping people find homes, don’t get me wrong… but taking a one year old (see I told you I’m not one of those moms) to house after house and ending up with no sale in exhausting on us both. I will eventually come off of my break and kick ass at selling homes, but for now Pyper is my main job and that is okay.

Over all, life is good right now. I am thankful to spend every day with Pyper and I love my partner. I get nothing but support from the ones I love and everyone deserves that. I’m trying to decide which way I want to take this blog, I love writing about my life and will continue to do so, but I want to use this more, maybe reviews of products? Cooking? I’m not sure, I guess we will see…

but for now, Pyper wants her milkies..


bye friends!


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