DIY Kitchen helper

Hi friends! I shared our diy kitchen helper on Facebook and Instagram and it received a lot of love so I decided to tell you how we did it! I was blessed with a “helper” so I knew I needed something so she wasn’t standing on the counter trying to help all of the time, I was looking into buying a “learning tower” but those range from $150-$300+ and lets be honest no one has time for that! So, my lovely mother found a few posts on pinterest about an “IKEA hack” and we tried our hand at it… continue reading to find out how it worked! Now, on posts like these I HATE when people ramble, I scroll right to the directions so here they are (:


  1. IKEA bekvam stool
  2. ONE 1 x 4 piece of wood ONE 2 x 2 and ONE 5/8 dowel
  3. Wood screws- we ended up using about 26 of them and used 1-1.5 inch
  4. A saw ( or get your wood pre-cut
  5. Sander or sand paper
  6. Drill
  7. Type measure
  8. Paint*
  9. Paint brushes*


  1. FOUR 9 and 3/4 X 3 1/2- these are the outer side pieces
  2. TWO 14 and 3/4 X 3 and 5/8- these are the front pieces
  3. FOUR 16 inch- these are the inner side pieces/ the pieces that add the height
  4. ONE 14 and 7/8 round dowel- this is the piece that kiddo climbs under to get on

We decided to cut the wood at home, so we started with doing that. We cut and sanded all of our wood, be sure you round the edges and sand over the length of the wood too so the kiddo doesn’t get any boo-boo’s.

Once that was done I started to paint the IKEA stool and the pieces that he wasn’t using to kill some time but I recommend waiting until it’s all the way together to paint-MUCH easier.

He built the top part before he put the ikea stool together, but really you can do it either way. At this point you are just drilling the wood into place! It’s easiest to go off the photos to see where to drill, I’ve attached plenty below; be sure to measure where to are drilling so everything lines up correctly! ( lol )

Once both the top that you are building and the IKEA stool are built, you just screw them together and well-la shes done! Once connected, if you are painting her, go ahead! Pyper picked this purple color, and helped me paint. She loves this SO much, she drags it around my kitchen and helps me cook every meal.. if you have a little helper on your hands I highly suggest giving this a shot, it looks and sounds a lot more difficult than it is once you are actually doing it. It’s also a lot of fun to do little DIY’s as a family!


If you do end up making one, post photos and tag me!

Instagram- parisss_k

Facebook- kayla Paris

Twitter- kayyylaparis



Thank you so much for reading!

Bye for now friends




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