First time mom birth story

Hi friends!

Before I had Pyper I read and watched so many birth stories to try and prepare myself as much as I could, today a year and a half later, I’m going to share mine!

I had a pretty easy pregnancy, no major complications, no problems with Pyper, nothing really worth warning you about. I was around 37 weeks pregnant the first time my blood pressure was high, my doctor was great and told me  not to worry, but put me on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy, which honestly I was OK with because I was soooo over cleaning tanning beds with my big ol belly, anyway, at right under 39 weeks I lost my mucus plug and contractions  started (barley, but started non-the-less) at home over night, I had my weekly appointment the next morning so I just tracked them and walked to try and keep them going until bedtime, nothing major happened overnight but I just had a feeling so before my appointment I packed my hospital bag just in case. My appointment as at 8AM, when I got there she checked my BP and it was a lot higher than she would have liked, I was 2 CM, and contractions were there, still nothing serious but there… but because of my BP she sent my over to the hospital, pretty sure I sh*t my pants when she told me this (lol) anyway, I called Xayne and my mom and I headed over to the hospital, checked in and waited for what seemed like forever, finally got put in one of those tiny rooms so they could start my IV, hooked me up, all that jazz, and hung out in that room for a while, oh,PS, the IV SUCKS. Finally after a few hours they moved me to my room, room 13 is where my little darling took her first breath, this is where the story starts to suck (well did for me at the time). So, they put me in my room and let me just kinda chill, walk around, bounce on the ball, ect because I wasn’t dilating more and my contractions still weren’t steady and I really did not want to be induced. Walking and stuff dilated me a tad more but still nothing, so about 26/27 hours in a doctor ( who I didn’t know my doctor wasn’t on shift) said I could either go home or he could do the EDI and break my water, obviously after 27 hours I did not want to go home without my lil so I was like ok whatever. The edi guy came in and can I just say that is the most strange feeling EVER, it’s not painful, but so so strange. After that they broke my water and then I think around 4 hours later started to give me pitocin, I started throwing up and it was miserable. I had been in labor probably around 40-42 hours at this point and my doctor told me they could only give me two more hours or I would have to have a C-section so I called my mom to come see me just in case ( only xayne was in my room) and AS SOON as my mom came in I felt like I needed to push, so I kicked my mom out and we started pushing! I didn’t push long before Miss Pyper came into the world. She was 7lbs a 0.6 oz, 18 1/2 inches long and had a head full of dark hair. There is NOTHING like giving birth, it is the most empowering feeling ever. I would relive this over and over and over.


I want to say, if you are getting ready to give birth, do not be scared, be excited for this journey, you have this, this is what you were made for. Congratulations mama, weather if is your 1st, or 10th, I am so excited for you.

Bye for now,





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